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Boris Stomakhin: you can’t do good without using your fists!

Strong, triumphant evil, obviously victorious for all, automatically attracts sympathy, never ceasing to be evil. This is human psychology. This is the secret to Putin’s success.

Indeed, pro-Kremlin analysts are right in some ways: compared to the current leaders of the West, the Kremlin mob boss kingdom headed by his mob boss is a force! Against the background of weak, pitiful, merkels, macrons, etc., who are afraid of their own shadows, elections and street protests, Kremlin mob boss kingdom is a force. Putin is the embodiment of strength, power, and self-confidence! And why not being strong and confident if the obedient slaves in his kingdom would vote for him anyway, be it for the fifth or even for the twenty-fifth time?.. The prohibitively shameful «plebiscite», acting based on «amendments to the Constitution», allowing to vote by mail and at home without good reason, will brilliantly prove it again on July 1.

Evil triumphs and wins in the minds. I remembered that Merezhkovsky once compared the early Bolsheviks, with their mad pressure, energy, straightforwardness and determination, with Well’s Martians…

The power of action is equal to the power of counteraction; we were taught this in school. Putin does exactly what he is allowed to do, both on the international arena and in Russia. He is allowed by pitiful, unwilling (or even simply bribed by the Kremlin) European elites, as well as the equally pathetic, petty, miserable «opposition» within Russia.

There are so many examples of this that the only difficulty is to choose one. Only a lazy person has not written about Russia’s solemn return to PACE. The triumphant, brazen, self-confident Chekist Evil is tall in the saddle again. It simply and tritely buys (bribes) pitiful Europeans, for it knows that this organization will not be able to give up fat contributions of Russia to the PACE budget anyway. They do not recall the devaluation of European principles; the principles were simply sold to Moscow for its contributions. What genocide of the Tatars in the Crimea, what mass imprisonment of «Jehovah’s Witnesses» for their faith can this corrupt, cowardly Europe talk about, who can it protect from the Chekists?

It’s funny to say, but all these Western visa sanctions against Russia for the Crimea and Donbass… do not cover Putin! Matvienko, Sechin, Kiselev, Rogozin and other gangsters were denied access to decent countries, but the leaders of these countries still continue to hug their mob boss, and shake his bloody hands without noticing blood on them… Thank God, they were smart enough to resist Trump’s cunning maneuver attempting to return Russia to the «G-7» under the guise of turning it into a kind of «G-11».

To fight the enemy, it is not enough to know his strength; you still need to understand his essence, his motives. A horde of fierce, stunted, narrow-eyed, monstrous, unimaginably evil and brutal Asian steppe nomads of the 13th century, riding the low shaggy horses, with a cloud of arrows ahead of them and terrifying battle calls, raiding the cities, monasteries, villages, all trampled down, burning and destroying everything in their path, this is the original source of this evil, its starting point. That evil was, by the way, highly organized and very effective in its lushness yet in those times. One could not make arrangements, sign a corresponding agreement with the nomads and their khans, shake hands and part satisfied: on the long journey home from the khan’s headquarters the object of khan’s promises and tender smiles of khan’s wives often died from poison of deferred action. A bitter, rabid ruthlessness and malice, dull unquestioned obedience, subtle cunning and meanness to achieve their goals (cunning and meanness, however, will be added later, in Byzantium), absolute power and total subjugation, suppression of opponents at any cost … Absolute and complete Asian style…

The Horde … How much does the West know about this? Do the Englishmen, yesterday number 1 in the world, the salt of the earth, ancestors of the USA, Canada, and Australia, having the parliament and the Great Charter of Liberties yet since the 13th century, know much about this primary source, an archetype of the entire Russian politics for 800 years?

«The Moskovito-Saint Petersburg Empire … was founded under the Tatar yoke by the princes, favorites, and managers of the Tatars, then blessed with the holy rot of Byzantium and, finally, improved by the civilization of the Germans». (M.A. Bakunin)

And not knowing the origin of the Moscow inspiration, can they effectively fight this evil or, at least, not to exacerbate the situation by their ignorance (and cynicism, too). Is it surprising that big and actively seeking success in Europe parties like Alternative für Deutschland in Germany or National Front in France are so passionately kissing Putin, sucking up and licking him all they can? The essence of these parties is anti-Americanism, a decades-old dream of “getting out from under the umbrella of the United States” (which is the most detrimental for Europe, if you look at it closely; however, not just the right-wing ones; the left-wing part RAF in Germany demanded the same). Who would help them with it, if not Moscow, which deeply hates the USA and has been at odds with them since 1945! (but would the Moscovites be able to boast their «victory» in 1945 without the American land lease, after their Red Army wrangled with millions of mad crowds, throwing thousands of cannons and millions of guns and ammunition in 1941; what and how would a new Siberian replenishment fight if the US hadn’t sent to Stalin thousands of tons of everything, from stew to trucks, from aluminum to coat buttons, and from gunpowder to shells?).

At the same time, by the way, another question is who uses whom to a greater extent, Putin or the European right wing. It seems that rather they are using him. After all, no political party, even if it is a parliamentary one like AfD, but only one of many, can compare in power (be it financial, political, or PR, etc.) with a giant state, moreover, when it has nuclear power, which also has the right of veto in the UN Security Council. Is it bad visiting Crimea free of charge, showing off there in front of TV cameras, and for this, besides PR on TV, to receive money for participation of the same Le Pen in the national presidential elections!

And elegant, refined Europeans of the 21st century hardly even know about the fiercely howling horde of nomads riding low shaggy horses with a cloud of arrows ahead of them. They only might have heard a couple of words about it at university, during the lecture on history, without delving into details… But nowadays these nomads wear civil suits, expensive western ties – naturally, it is hard to recognize them! Over 200-300 years, the territory conquered by the Golden Horde in the interfluve of the Volga and Oka rivers has become the Moscow Horde. Consequently, they now have transporter-erector-launcher Buk instead of bows, and are breaking «to the last sea», to the English Channel, not on horses, but on the newest models of tanks. Fortunately, it happens only in their wishes, erotic dreams, and secret plans of the General Staff.

Putin’s regime is a direct successor of the Stalin’s regime, the former apotheosis of the Russian hordyness and totalitarianism; it is quite obvious. And now the next peak on this diagram, after Stalin’s death, is quite evident. Complete slavery inside the country, crowned by the «electronic concentration camp» due to COVID-19 pandemic, with a total surveillance of the movements of every slave through his/her own mobile phone, plus countless video cameras in the streets. Punitive laws and criminal code articles for everything, from mythical «calls for extremist activities» to the quite obvious comparison of the Soviet regime with the Nazi’s one and the «desecration» of black and orange ribbons. Extensive expansion outside, the thirst inherited from those very Horde nomads at the genetic level, to capture, to subjugate, to enslave everything within its reach, turning the previously blooming highly developed countries into a dreary desert and their peoples into exhausted slaves.

Attack on Georgia in 2008 ended up with 20 % of its territory (Abkhazia and Samachablo) being occupied, cut off and controlled by Moscow.

Attack on Ukraine in 2014 lead to the annexation of Crimea, seizure of a part of Donbass and establishment of occupation puppet regimes there. Moreover, both the Crimea and the captured part of Donbass are now turned into springboards for the aggression of Russian troops against the rest of Ukraine.

And before that, there was the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, which the West shamefully and cowardly betrayed, having formally justified its betrayal by the fact that Ichkeria, you see, was (illegally and without its consent) included in the Constitution of the Russian Federation as «a part of Russia» in 1993.

And in the very beginning, there was Moldova, from which the Russian fighters managed to seize a pretty large piece of territory and take it under their control as the so-called «Transnistria.» This is the place of the truly dreary desert and pathetic glitch, not life, which has been going on for 30 years, but the world is used to it and doesn’t notice…

However, Moscow’s appetite is not limited to its neighbors, former colonies, and the dream of restoring the USSR. Under the guise of «joint fight against terrorism with the U.S.», Moscow has already acquired a military base in Syria. Under the guise of the internal civil war in Libya, supporting Haftar (now almost broken), it is trying to establish its presence there too. Unexpectedly, it turned out that the Russians have already ousted the French from the Central African Republic (the former French colony!!!), and exercise an extensive influence on the policy of the local authorities, supplying them with armed force and all kinds of «advisers», not to mention Moscow’s demonstrative support, of a completely bankrupt Maduro’s regime in Venezuela, contrary to the United States and the historical zone of their influence!..

But now we are living not in the age of simple wars, but of «hybrid» ones. Therefore, everything is covered with a kind of gaize, a gauze of uncertainty, unknowns, a lack of direct and clear evidence, dodging and playing coy. Instead of regular Russian troops in Syria or Libya, mercenaries from «Wagner’s PMC», formally not representing Russia, are fighting. The occupation of Donbass is disguised as a «rebellion» of local allegedly «miners and tractors» against the mythical «Kiev junta», and when the Ukrainians are catching the Russian occupant there, showing his official army documents to all world media, and he himself is giving testimony recorded by camera, where he is calling himself a serviceman of the Russian Federation, Moscow immediately responds that this serviceman has long been dismissed from the army and arrived at Donbass on his personal initiative only…

In the same «hybrid» way they hack into emails of the global leaders and democratic parties of the West, pretending that some conventional «hacker Hell» or Fancy Bear group act on their own, not by order of the Russian security services… but for some reason invariably in their interests. Under the guise of freedom of speech, a purely Western value that has always been denied and suppressed in Russia, they conduct massive propaganda against the West, distorting and twisting facts in favor of the Kremlin regime through channels like Russia Today. They create thousands of fake accounts in social media, sowing interracial hostility on behalf of supposedly Americans and spreading fake rumors about American politicians in order to influence the choice of lay Americans. Moscow’s spy networks and spy nests under the roofs of its embassies are uncovered time and again in one and the other Western countries (and usually everything is limited to the expulsion of spies with diplomatic passports). And so on and so forth. There are thousands of examples of such subversive activities of Russia in the world disguised as the actions of private individuals, private companies and anything else in the 21st century. 

However, Russia is not killing «hybridly», but really. The case of Litvinenko’s murder in England in 2006 is no less than a real nuclear attack! Polonium, a radioactive chemical element used to kill a prominent public figure and dissident, makes this conclusion quite possible, just as the attempt to kill the Fiddlers in the same Great Britain in 2018, in affected the other ordinary people. It was the chemical attack, in which the chemical weapons prohibited throughout the civilized world was used. Poor British, although, unlike the Ukrainians or Georgians, they do not seem to be neighbors of Russia…

However, the matter will certainly not be limited to the neighbors, as it was not limited to them in Stalin’s time. Putin’s regime is a clear and unambiguous threat to the world. As long as the civilized countries do not realize this and will continue to «establish relations» and try to «engage in dialogue» with the Kremlin’s Chekist leaders, their fate will be unenviable. A well-organized gang of Chekists and their agents in the West will always prevail over a relaxed, well-hearted Western society, bound by thousands of taboos and conventions. Strong, devoid of complexes and clearly organized Evil will always defeat the involuntary and wonderfully heartfelt Good…

One can look through the fingers at the fact that Russians have annexed Crimea and started the genocide of Crimean Tatars there. Just as the West used to turn a blind eye to the carpet bombing of Chechnya and the genocide of the Chechen people (another proof of the direct succession of Stalin’s regime, the victims of which also were Chechens and Crimean Tatars, by Putin’s one), to the occupation of 20% of Georgia, to the facts of real Russian piracy in the Black Sea, when tugboat «Jany Kapu», as well as military boats «Berdyansk« and «Nikopol« were shot and captured by Russian bandits in epaulets, and all their crew was sent to Moscow prison Lefortovo on November 25, 2018. Piracy at sea, by the way, is an international issue, as is the fact that Moscow is trying hard to turn the Black Sea into its own internal one. However, the bases of the Russian military forces already exist on the Mediterranean Sea; Russian warships furrow the Baltic Sea and the Pacific Ocean, too… This will affect everyone, if we do not to counteract the Russian plague already now by the most decisive means, if we allow this cancer to grow and let the metastases spread around the world.

NATO, questioned by Trump from the very first days of his election as the President of the United States, is still trying to hold on to the defense and fight back — at least morally — against the Kremlin aggressor. In particular, some — a small number — of NATO soldiers from Western countries have been transferred to the Baltic States, so that their presence would create some symbolic barrier to the Russian attack. This would be an attack not only on Estonia or Latvia, but also on those countries whose soldiers are deployed there.

However, one can say confidently that the thick-skinnedness of the Kremlin regime allows it to «not understand» such subtle hints and easily spit on them. If — God forbid — it dares to commit aggression against these countries, the symbolic presence of the Germans, the British, or the Canadians there will not stop it. The Kremlin will only be stopped by the presence of a powerful NATO contingent there, consisting of tens of thousands of soldiers with heavy weapons and able to give the aggressor a crushing response immediately, from the first minutes of aggression, without waiting for permission and commands from any Western headquarters, since Russia, this evil and fat-skinned bastard, understands and respects only force.

When people talk to it from the position of force, resolutely, without fussing or trying to «establish a dialogue», it pulls its tail right away.

It is the lack of determination that is the West’s main weakness in the face of the Moscow Horde. «Good cannot use an iron fist», as Novodvorskaya wrote on another occasion. Attempts to «measure seven times,» according to a Russian proverb, to accurately calculate all the consequences and obtain the approval of all parliamentary assemblies lead to the fact that while they are measuring and counting, the enemy takes them by the throat…

«Russianism is a special form of misanthropic ideology, based on the great power chauvinism, full of spirituality and immorality. It differs from the known forms of fascism, racism, nationalism, and special cruelty, both to man and nature. The principle of action implies the destruction of all and everything, the tactics of scorched earth. It is characterized by the schizophrenic form of mania of world domination. Featuring a slave psychology, it parasites on a false history, on occupied territories, and oppressed people. Constant political, legal, and ideological terrorism is inherent in Russia.

«Russia is sick with russianism, whether we want it or not. This disease is extremely dangerous for the whole world. The mankind has been feeling the pressure of this disease for three hundred years… If there is a terrorist state in the world and terrorist people in general, it is Russia and the Russian people,» Dzhokhar Dudayev once formulated it exhaustively.

Only a few months had passed since the bombing of Yugoslavia by Western aircraft caused by the genocide of Kosovo Albanians by the Milosevic regime before the second aggression against Ichkeria was launched in the autumn of 1999 only to put Putin on the throne as the «winner of terrorism». Naturally, direct analogies could not fail to appear in consciousness of those few inhabitants of Russia who understood what the arrival of KGB represented by Putin to power bears to it and to the world. «We ask NATO military forces to intervene, as it was done in Kosovo, and to save Chechens from extermination, to help them with weapons, equipment, people, as well as to announce an ultimatum to the Russian government and, when required, to commit rocket and bomb strikes on Moscow and other cities of the aggressor country!”, wrote one of the small but radical opposition organizations of that time in Moscow in its statement on October 1, 1999. However, the West betrayed the Chechens.

Today, Putin is adopting an official state doctrine that allows him to be the first to launch a nuclear strike, as soon as it seems to Moscow some country has a malicious intent to impair Russia’s «state interests» or, God forbid, its very existence. However, like all newly introduced laws, legal provisions, doctrines, etc., this is just a de jure presentation of the aggressor sentiments de facto prevailing in the minds of the Putin’s regime managers. Just like Putin’s legal permission for the police to shoot at people in the event of an alleged «threat» committed by them, there is only a formal legalization of the de facto situation. Not facing the real resistance, both cops, and chekists, and military personnel of Russia will get more impudent, going forward, shooting, exploding, bombing, and destroying everything successively.

Russia, as always, conceals its own aggressive plans by talks about the defense against someone else’s allegedly aggressive intentions. Specifically, dreaming persistently and trying to somehow bring back the Baltic States, which have joined NATO to avoid this fate, Russia is trying to inflict a moral defeat on NATO as well, to prostitute it, to take a shameful revenge for all its former might; to force, by nuclear blackmail, the West and NATO to betray, for example, Estonia by refusing to send their soldiers «to die for Narva», the location of which is not known to many Americans.

This should not happen, for it would be a complete shame and the greatest moral collapse of the West. But, fortunately, the location of Moscow is known well to the whole world, including NATO commanders. And, quite in the spirit of Putin’s revanchist-militaristic plans, but directed against the same, the West should commit a preventive nuclear strike against it.

One can confidently anticipate that the answer will not follow. Moscow will pull its tail. After that, only on the basis of what has already been done, not on the promises and threats to do! — one can request Moscow to return the occupied territories (starting from the Crimea, of course) to the rightful owners, to immediately resign Putin from office, etc. The path to internal reforms in Russia, to the collapse of the colonial empire and the liberation of the peoples it has enslaved for centuries, to the elimination of the centuries-old threat to civilization posed by the Moscow-St. Petersburg Horde can only be opened in this way by decisive Western actions, including a preventive strike against Moscow. The fate of Japan, which survived two such blows in 1945 and, thanks to them, immediately jumped from the samurai tradition of the 13th century into the 20th century, is the best example of the effectiveness of such operation…!


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