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Maryna Bahrova: Tomos – a political issue

Maryna Bahrova, a member of the board of the Institute of National Policy international union.

The issue of granting Tomos is not of religious, but of a great political significance. Religious disputes arise when there are some questions about dogmatic differences. For example, between Catholics and Protestants or Orthodox and Muslims. Here we have one and the same Orthodox denomination, where after the creation of a single Orthodox Church and giving it a canonical status by the leadership of the Russian Orthodox Church and its affiliate in Ukraine, the UOC-MP only had groundless claims against the canons of the Orthodox Church and common sense. And the initiator of these claims is the president of Russia V. Putin and the political leadership of Russia,” Maryna Bahrova is sure.

Text by Dmytro Zhuravel 

Mode of access: Opinion

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