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Maryna Bahrova: what should be done with the money of Ukrainian migrant workers?

Maryna Bahrova

Maryna Bahrova, a member of the board of the “Institute of National Policy” international union, believes that there is a very little chance of implementing the Minister’s proposal. However, if the idea still becomes a reality, the expert leaves open the possibility, that the workers will still be able to find legal loopholes to refuse to declare.

“An implementation of the initiative of the Minister of Social Policy in the form in which it is proposed is hardly possible. In general, citizens of Ukraine go to work abroad because of the inability to find work in their regions, which would provide minimum survival means. A significant part of the money earned abroad, Ukrainian citizens have to spend on housing rent, food, payment for various services. Therefore, the initiative proposed by the Minister is unfair for the most migrant workers.

However, regarding certain categories of migrant workers, such as cross-border offshore businessmen, whose monthly income starts at the rate of three thousand dollars, the implementation of the initiative of the Minister of Social Policy, on the contrary, is justified and necessary.

That’s why, it is important to distinguish categories of migrant workers who have traveled abroad for the sake of physical survival, from those who earn a significant amount of money for their own enrichment.

Even if the initiative of the minister is legally implemented, then workers will find legal loopholes in order to avoid the declaration of their earnings. Mostly not because the workers are so greedy and therefore do not want to pay taxes. But because there will be a violation of the principle of social justice,” Bahrova explained.


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