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Maryna Bahrova: Why is Zelensky in a hurry with the parliamentary elections?

Maryna Bahrova, a member of the board of the international union Institute of National Policy, is convinced that by such actions the president is trying to meet the demand of the Ukrainians for the renewal of power.

“Zelensky is in a hurry with the elections to the Verkhovna Rada, in order to fulfil his election promises and to implement real changes in the country through the ‘compression of time’, without waiting for the next election. Thus, the newly elected president of Ukraine is trying to satisfy the public demand for a fundamental renewal of power and at the same time to capitalize his high electoral capital into a close political party in order for this party to get the majority of seats in the new parliament.”

Maryna Bahrova emphasizes that political and economic crises exist inseparably from each other.

“The protracted political crisis and all sorts of deviations from the rule of law, for example, the appointment to senior government positions in violation of the current legislation, can lead to the rejection of financial support for the Ukrainian economy from the IMF, reduction of various financial programs, the outflow of foreign investment from Ukraine. Thus, a political crisis that can lead to the onset of a protracted economic crisis.”

Text by Dmytro Zhuravel Оpinion

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